Best seller - Chilled & Frozen


Joy X
29 May 2021

Love those lychee. I got them last week and just ordered more..

Joy X
29 May 2021

China Jade Dew Pears were also great! Sweet, juicy and crunchy!

Jaslin N
25 May 2021

The tiger apple very nice!! Sweet also! Crunchy and juicy also. Although its small in size. But good.

Grace C
23 May 2021

The dried fig from Figary still have stock? My mother eat until very happy. Now want me to buy for the whole extended family

06 May 2021

Texture really like caviar!! So fun to eat!! Sour, with a tinge of sweet. Little bursts of sour in the mouth..

Amy Q
05 May 2021

Thin skin, light refreshing kind of sweetness. Super good!

Tracy C
30 Apr 2021

Wah the Thai Rose Jambu very sweet .. nice

Catherine C
29 Apr 2021

The 2nd batch of blue jay order I received on Sunday taste even much more better!

28 Apr 2021

I bought the spaghetti squash not too long ago. The first time I bought last year I think.. was bitter so had to throw out. Tried it again this round.. and it's yummy ♡ Can also just bake in oven, then eat with garlic and butter.